Help, my relatives are visiting in 3 days
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Where can I buy a folding guest bed (preferably, but not necessarily, with folding frame) in the Boston area this weekend?

I'm looking for a folding guest bed. Something along the lines of a foam mattress on a folding metal frame. I'd like to buy it this weekend in the Boston area. Less than $300 would be fantastic, but I want it to be comfortable enough to not torture my guests, including aging relatives.
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Head over to the Stoughton, MA IKEA store and look at their Beddinge futons. This one here is $279.

We have the one that's the next level up, the Beddinge Resmo ($349). Everyone seems to like it, including my older parents.
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Check an army-navy or camping store -- camp cots have come a long way. I have a Teton XXL cot and it is ridiculously comfortable and folds down like a stadium chair into a carry bag. I gild the lily with a thick foam pad. Together, under $300.
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Thanks guys! We went with fancy camping beds, which are really more like regular beds these days. They have replaced our air mattresses, which were apparently no match for our cats. We're pleased.
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