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Baby Jenkins loves all remotes, especially Daddy Jenkins' PS3 controller. Help me find a baby-friendly sixaxis analogue so's dad can play his games in peace?

This seems to be one of those things that's virtually impossible to google for. We initially allowed him to play with the good stuff, but then he yoinked one of the joysticks off and shoved it into his mouth. We also tried giving him an old PS2 controller, but he could tell right away that it did nothing, and would have none of it. Also, dangerous cord.

What I'm looking for is something sturdy, that closely resembles a PS3 controller, but fused with baby stuff, like blinking lights and beeping ... no annoying songs would be a plus. Or if anyone has any leads on dudes who would mod a controller into such a device, I would love to get in touch with them!

I'm also interested in your recommendations for baby versions of other, interesting grownup toys that don't like being drooled on. (We already have a Fisher Price Click and Learn remote, which is awesome, and I have a toy cell phone on order, so I've got those bases covered.) I've seen the wooden NES gamepad teether, but that's kinda the opposite of what I'm looking for.

Thanks much!
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why not cut the cord of the ps2 controller?
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Response by poster: He knows it doesn't make the people move on the screen, and it doesn't light up at all. He's not interested in that one at all.
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I gave my nephew a original Xbox controller to play with when I played 360 but it sounds like you've tried the "fake controller" route already. How about a Nerf PS3 controller?
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Good luck. I honestly don't mean that in a snide way. Kids know. How do they know? I have no idea, but they just know. Whether it's a phone, controller, mouse, etc, they know that the one you give them to play with is nowhere near as interesting as the one you are playing with yourself, no matter how much stuff theirs may do. They know that if you give it to them, it must be a trick. We've even tried by pretending that we were playing with the fake phone/controller/remote - guess what - IT DOESN'T WORK! They still know. Those kids still want the real one, the one you have.

This is one of the ultimate unsolvable parenting mysteries if you ask me. Kind of like "where do all the gloves/hats go." But if you are successful, please let us know, millions of parents all over the world would cheer at your awesomeness.

But, above all, I wish you good luck.
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None of my kids would ever play with the non-working controllers either. I ended up only playing when they were in bed because there weren't any other options I could think of.

One day - about a month ago - I got home from work and sat down to play the PS3 after the kids were in bed. As I picked up the controller, water poured out of it. Nobody has fessed up to that one, but it still stinks. Keep those controllers put away when you're not playing. Free advice.
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Response by poster: I successfully convinced him that his toy remote is the real deal through sneaky trickery. The key was that I never gave it to him, and acted like it was the real remote for a couple of days, I said no when he went for it, then let him "find" it on the couch and took it away from him a few times. Kid is convinced.

So I'm pretty confident I'll be able to do the same with other devices ... should they exist ...
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Response by poster: Last threadsittin' comment, I swear!

I forgot the most important part of my trickery:
While pointing the pretend remote at the TV, and pushing the buttons, I concealed the real remote im my other hadn, out of babby's sight. As I pushed the button on the fake remote, I changed the channel with the real remote. Sometimes I had Dad change the channel secretively, so both my hans would be visible. Babby=fooled. Mwahaha!
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This may not be helpful at all, but our baby is also obsessed and so far I have given him one of our remotes that isn't being used with the batteries removed. That satisfies him for now. He's not fooled by toy computers, only real iPads and expensive laptops will do, and yesterday he broke the screen on my husband's iPhone. He has his own fake mobile phone which also isn't good enough. I would love to keep everything permanently out of his thieving grasp but that would mean never using any technology around him ever, which given he's constantly with me, is pretty much impossible so I will be watching this with interest. Can you remove the cord from an old controller and give him that?
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Best answer: I don't know how old Baby Jenkins is, but would a VTech console suffice? You'd need another TV, but it would seem your child already understands that pressing buttons affects what he sees on the screen, so perhaps this will provide that same interaction with the added bonus of shapes and colors.
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Ahhhh one of the great cosmic inponderables...... I just let the wee man have the mouse,controller,phone etc in the hope that he'll soon get bored with it and i can pick it up again. The best one is he knows how to switch laptops off and then shut the lid, which is apparently hilarious and the source of much smiling and clapping - i try to think its a cry for attention or something and play with him - although i looked up some games to play with kids and he wasn't interested - He doesnt really accept substitute old phones and so on, although they do work for a short while.
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