Name of Designer + Developer collaboration site?
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Help me remember the name of a site that was setup for designers and developers to share project opportunities to work together.

The google no worky for me so I need your help finding this site set up to connect designers and developers for project collaboration.

Here's what I remember:
- it was started by a designer
- it it's based in New York
- it was launched (or relaunched?) within the past year
- it had a solid UI and search function
- there was definitely some activity on it but it wasn't overpopulated with users.

That's all I can remember. It was NOT setup as a standard-issue jobs or careers type site.
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Folyo was my first thought, but it's not an exact match. Suggesting, just in case.
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Best answer: Might it be one of the following?

Programmer Meet Designer
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I'm the guy who runs the aforementioned Folyo.

I think the site you're looking for might be, although I don't think its creator (Drew Houston) is based in New York.

Another potential match might be Weekend Hacker.
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Response by poster: CollabFinder was indeed it. Thanks for the other suggestions, too.
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