Pimp my front lawn
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You live in the Seattle area and can recommend an awesome landscape architect or other landscaping professional who can transform a small, city front yard into something that looks awesome and requires not much maintenance.

Before I contact people who can do the kind of work I'd like, I'd like to see if anyone can recommend someone who they know will do a totally kick ass job.

About our yard: We live in a city neighborhood and have a small front yard with a lawn, a tree, and a few flowerbeds. The lawn is on a slight hill and one thing I'd like to explore is having the front yard turned into two level planes rather than one slope.

Goals are:

(1) No lawn.
(2) Whatever plants are put in don't require huge maintenance.
(3) Concrete walkway to house (and 3 steps up from street level) are replaced with something more attractive looking.
(4) Has the skills/expertise to make the front multi-tiered instead of just a slope (ie, two level planes).

Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Tell me why they would be great.
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We live in Sammamish. When we bought our house a few months ago, the back yard was full of plants that are toxic to dogs, so before we could move in with our two pups, we had to have the back yard re-landscaped. This company was GREAT (talk to Erin) -- not only did they identify every plant growing in the yard and pull out all the toxic stuff, but also they made suggestions for relocating some of the nicer plants to the front yard. We ended up with a tidy and safe back yard, and a lovely and flower-filled front yard, all for a very reasonable price! The professionalism and enthusiasm of the crew couldn't be beat. I absolutely recommend them.

I hope they can help you with your project and that you'll be as happy with their work as we are!
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I wholeheartedly recommend Vertumni. I had very similar requirements and they did amazing things for it. It's only become more beautiful over the years. All native plants, easy to water, and not a single scrap of grass. Very nice people, too.
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Also, my yard is steeply sloped and Vertumni made an awesome two-level landscape out of it. Look in the portfolio under "Steeply Sloped" - that was before all the plants grew in. Me-mail me if you'd like a photo of it now :)
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