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K-Cup Keurig Coffee Maker Drinks: what are the best quality, most caffeine, lowest price K-Cup drinks. I got this sampler and it's good. But I want more for my office - best caffeine for the buck is what my folks want. Any other K-Cup usage hints, tricks, tips welcome as well.
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Best answer: I have developed an absolute addiction to Wolfgang Puck's Breakfast in Bed K-cups, despite the fact that I despise the man.

If you prefer strong dark coffee (what I like) that doesn't make you question your williingness to put your wallet where your ethics are, then I can tell you that all the free trade brands (just check "coffee" at the Keurig K-cup site and "fair trade" under "type") except Newman's are quite delicious. So are the Tully's K-cups.

In terms of usage of your brewer, I have two strong recommendations. First, use purified or spring water in your water dispenser. It really makes a taste difference. Second, routinely run water through the dispenser without a K-cup in place. E.g., make your coffee, then take out the pod, put another mug in place, and "brew" a cup of water. If you do this routinely, you'll never have a clog or malfunction and you will never have to scale your machine.

Also, order direct from the Keurig website and join it as well. You'll get great discounts on all your purchases and brownie points toward another brewer (nice for gifts, or for office.)
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I liked the Kahlua flavoured ones.
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The non K-cup for the Kuerig: San Francisco Bay Coffee One Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Fog Chaser

Yummy, works great and cheaper to boot.
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Best answer: I'm partial to Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic. It's about $0.60 / cup. I haven't seen any decent K-Cup coffee cheaper than about $0.50 / cup, which is roughly double what coffee from grounds costs. You can use a refillable cup to save money but it's not as convenient.

The K-Cup patent expires in six weeks, hopefully that will allow prices to come down.
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Best answer: For more caffeine, you want to go light roast. (AskMe even tackled this!)

As far as light roast goes: I think Starbucks' Veranda is okay -- and better-tasting than some of its non K-cup brethren -- but I prefer Dunkin' Donuts and Green Mountain's Donut Shop (which might be the same thing, different foil tops...). The Donut Shop Chocolate Glazed Donut is probably the best flavored K-cup coffee I've ever had. Cinnamon Roll is nice, too.

My area grocery stores have K-cup sales from time to time, but they're usually not in the store advertising. I just try to remember to look. Places like Kohl's occasionally discount them at the same time they offer store-wide coupons.

I'll second bearwife on water recommendations. (I sometimes use that empty brew for tea.) Haven't had a problem yet.
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Nothing really to add to these great suggestions other than to give buying directly from Keurig a go. One of the benefits of doing so is earning points toward future purchases, save on existing purchases (and free shipping over $45). We used to buy from Amazon and local stores but have now switched entirely to Keurig.com.
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Response by poster: Some of the brands mentioned are in the sampler (Wolfgang Puck, Green Mountain, Donut Shop Glazed) so it seems like I didn't go wrong starting with that.

These are great tips, thanks MeFites!
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not sure about caffiene but I have become a caribou coffee fan - very strong and flavorful. Try mahogany.
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The EZ-Cup refillable pod has been worth every penny. Fill it with espresso-grind of your favorite coffee and voila! The good stuff is back to costing you $8/lb instead of $30, and you can even compost the little paper filters, so no eco-guilt. There was a slight learning curve, but if you fill the basket no more than 3/4 full and make sure it is closed very very tight, you won't get grounds in your coffee.
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Best answer: Here is a hint: look for the coffees marked "extra bold." These have approximately 20% more grounds per K-Cup than a normal coffee K-Cup. They hold up better to larger cup sizes, i.e. travel mugs, than the usual brews.

Coffee People's Black Tiger (already mentioned) and Jet Fuel are two of my favorites. Dark Magic is also pretty good and I also like Caribou's Mahogany.
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Best answer: I like he Green Mountain Dark Magic, Jet Fuel, and Newman's Own Bold(?).
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I'm a big fan of the Dark Magic and like Black Tiger as a backup. I shoot for 60 cents a cup, and if I can get lower, I'll try other kinds. I primarily use Amazon to purchase this and am looking for a (small) price drop once the patent expires.
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Best answer: Everyone at my work is a fan of Caribou Daybreak. Light roast, not acidic, plenty of caffeine.
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Best answer: Green Mountain Dark Magic gets me through my days at work. Also, buying it at Staples or another office-supply source *usually* makes it cheaper.
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Refillable cups run about $20. They're pretty easy to fill and clean, and will save you a ton quickly.

The cheapest I've found K-cups are for 80 packs at Costco ($0.40+ per cup), and there are some good Paul Neuman organic dark cups at that price. I like the flavor of the Verona Starbucks cups more, but they cost more at Costco.
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I've found good prices at CoffeeWiz.com. They have sales periodically.
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Saw some Dark Magic (and a few other varieties) at Big Lots recently, just by the way. $10 for an 18-cup pack is a decent price.

Starbucks K-Cups are a ripoff. Fewer cups than the competition (e.g. 10 instead of 12) and the price is the same -- sometimes even a little higher. Avoid.
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