I'm broken, can't someone help patch me up?
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My current psychiatrist won't listen to me. Help me find low cost therapy in Buffalo, NY.

I'm Bi-Polar II in the midst of a severe clinical depression. I go to a community clinic that is very, very adverse to changing which psychiatrist you see. Counseling/talk therapy is done by separate counselors. My psychiatrist has so far all but refused to change my medication, told me, in essence, to suck it up regarding my current job situation (which is causing situational depression on top of the clinical depression), and wants me to give him "good news" at every visit. I spent 16 of the last 24 hours sobbing hysterically for no reason. I forgot my counselor's appt set for this morning, and have had no return call from her. It's time for a new place.

I very barely have insurance (through a previous employer, which I'm not even sure will cover mental health), and I don't know where to turn. Last night, in the midst of the sobbing, I seriously thought of taking myself to a mental hospital in the hopes that someone could just make it stop. But I'm not suicidal. I don't want to hurt myself or anyone else. I'm terrified of mental hospitals. I just want someone who will actually try to help me and will listen when I say the meds aren't working. I don't think that's so much to ask. Surely sobbing for that long, sometimes day after day, is a good sign that there is a medication fail.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a low cost clinic around here? I'm willing to drive a ways if that's what it takes. I just.. I can't function like this.
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I am not familiar with Buffalo, but I do have a few thoughts for you.

(1) Call your insurance company. Find out what they cover, and what they don't, mental health-wise. DO NOT EXPLAIN YOUR SITUATION, just ask. Be sure to find out what their in-network vs. out-of-network coverage is, if you have caps, if you have to pay a certain amount before coverage applies, ect.
(2) If your insurance company does cover seeing a new psychiatrist, consider going through your insurance.
(3) Call the community clinic and explain your situation. Explain that you need to need a new psychatrist ASAP.
(4) Does your former employer have an EAP? Call them, see what kind of guidance they can offer you.
(5) Do you have a nearby family member or friend you can trust with this situation? If so, call them immediately. Ask them to be your ally, to make phone calls for you, to check in with you on a regular basis, to help you research solutions.

Good luck, and please, please, please check back in!
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Actually, I think going to a mental hospital might be a good idea (I'm not sure how the cost is detiremined in the US, that may affect your decision). You sound in crisis - even though you are not thinking of hurting yourself or anyone else - and you don't need to live like that if you get proper medical care. It sounds like your illness is overwhelming you to the point of you not being able to care for yourself. You can get better and there is help for you.
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Yes, everything saucy salt said. The wait in the ER will be minimal and they will be really nice to you. You deserve some relief. Once you feel better you can pick up from there to find a new therapist and all that.
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Go to your GP for a change of meds and a referral?
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