Suggestions for web-based client management software at reasonable price?
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I'm in need of client and accounts management software that is suited to newspaper (or at least publications) operations. It needs to be free or very inexpensive, web-based, and user friendly.

I own a small local newspaper with a 100+ active advertisers and an overall client list that exceeds 300. On a very basic level, I'm looking for client management software.

In the past when I worked for other newspapers (or other publications) that have advertisers, client management software extended to keeping track of advertisers' schedules (ie, when their ad is running) and account statuses (including invoicing/receiving, who's paid, who hasn't, when contracts end, etc...). I would want something like that.

For examples, I've looked at First Class (which I used years ago at a newspaper I worked at) and Magazine Manager. There are numerous others, but all of them are WAY outside my budget, as they're mostly suited for large publications with large staffs. I have a staff of 4 total who will use the software, so I need something more reasonably priced (a one-time fee to own the program or at most a nominal monthly fee) or even free. I also looked into Highrise and a few similar and found they aren't exactly suited because they seem to be only for client/contact management.

The program also needs to be very user friendly and something we can all access from anywhere, including on cell phones.

I am somewhat computer savvy but would probably not be able to seriously modify and tailor a program that isn't designed for what I am looking for to suit my needs. So it would have to be something that doesn't require a lot of tweaking on my part.

Does anyone have any suggestions to point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance!
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Check out It's a Customer Relationship Manager. Don't know how cheap it is, but it's pretty freaking awesome and very easy to administer. They have versions for different levels if enterprise. Great community and a terrific annual conference.
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We use Magazine Manager - I believe it's a per month per seat type of licensing. I don't know what the pricing is, since I'm just a graphics monkey. It's a highly capable application and we recommend it highly. I don't know that there is a low cost alternative for what you're looking for at all; this is a very niche market and it tends to have a lot of customized setups.
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