Oh where is my alarm clock...
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Is there a place where I can find pictures of Timex alarm clocks from the 80's?

I'm looking for an alarm clock that I had when I was young. I think the year it came out was probably in the early to mid eighties. It was Timex, I think. The most distinctive features: it was a simple rectangular box (probaby 4inx6inx3in or something...), brown, and had flip-numbers, like this. The most dinstinguishing feature was probably how the alarm was set. It was a "turn dial" set into the side of the clock, and it was set in 20 minute increments. If you were facing the clock, you turned the dial in the same way that you'd turn the nob on a watch you were setting. Like this, but it's not the same clock. Also, you turned the alarm on and off by flipping a rectangular switch in the back up and down.

As I re-read this, it's almost embarrassing vague, but I'd think that the number that fit this description from the 80's might be limited for a particular clock manufacturer. I'd like to look through pictures, but if anyone can identify it based on these characteristics, that would be cool, too.
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You may find something by checking out radioshackcatalogs.com.

I love to help you further but I'm on an iPad and the site is filled with Flash!
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Thanks! I've been doing some searching, and it looks like it might have been a GE alarm clock, too. Apparently many of them look a lot like what I described.
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Google images?
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Cool, I think that might have done the trick. I did "Timex vintage flip clock" and eventually found this picture (which I think is a Westinghouse), and I think it was my clock. Thanks!
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