New doors, new seal
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I recently installed new doors in my house, I have three entry doors that I need to finish with weather stripping and a door sweep. The doors are Douglas fir, single light doors. None of them get any direct rain, just mostly it is a air and bug protection is what I am looking for. I think everything at Home Depot and the local "Door store" are pretty ugly, I looked online, but immediately overwhelmed by the choices and nothing stood out as being all that different from what I was seeing at the Depot. Thanks for any suggestions. Henry
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yeah...they're not super might check Resoration Hardware for something a bit fancier...but...try this...look at every door sweep and weather strip everywhere you go...they all look pretty much the same, right? you might be overthinking it a house? It's easy to fall into the trap of 'everything must be PERFECT!' ...thank god it's only this and not (true story...job i worked on) spending $50,000 to chisel up the slab to move a toilet 6 inches.
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thanks, that is the best attitude to have!

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