Can you recommend a new sport or physical activity that I might like?
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Besides Ultimate, can you recommend a new sport or physical activity that I might like?

Just this week I discovered Ultimate Disc (Frisbee). I'm very fascinated by it and plan on playing as often as I reasonably can. I was introduced to it right at the end of the local recreational league season. I can get into some pick up games and if I continue to enjoy it I'll join the league next season. However I'm also looking into finding another sport/physical activity to take up as well (to fill the gap). I've never been particularly active in sports (especially team) nor have I even really liked many sports from a spectator's standpoint. I think I want a high intensity, fast paced activity. One that takes place outdoors is a bonus. Something of a team sport is also bonus. But, living here in the Midwest an indoor activity certainly has its merits during the winter. I have decided that I need to get into better shape. I don't care for football, baseball or softball (from an active or spectator standpoint). I enjoy biking a lot. I enjoy running some but tend to find it boring after a while. Swimming is also something I enjoy. However swimming in my area seems to be expensive if you don't own a pool. I do enjoy watching soccer, rugby and X-games type sports. I am trying to get into shape and a highly aerobic activity seems to be a good idea to me. FYI, I live in the St. Louis, MO area. So, what can you fine people recommend?
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Fencing. Cerebral, emotional, physical, controlled. Also expensive. And asymmetrical. But a hell of a lot of fun.
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Indoor soccer is super fast-paced, aerobic, and indoors during the midwest winters. Also, for most rec leagues the skill level is lower than outdoor, so it should be easy to start out.
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Parkour is awesome, but I recommend capoeira.
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Well, if you like Ultimate Frisbee, you should try disc golfing. Great way to get some exercise and have fun.
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Volleyball (indoor/outdoor) is fun, I remember from when I was in Iowa that raquetball (indoor) was pretty popular. Badminton can be fun, too (lots of footwork, speed, and coordination).

I'm also a fan of fencing.
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I'd recommend Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Mentally, it's on the level of chess, and physically, it's more exhausting than anything I've ever done. I can certainly run for much longer than I can spar with a partner in class.

It's also a martial art that focuses on core strength - working the torso, back, and hips - so you'll gain in overall functional strength and agility.

Plus, the first time you have the opportunity to apply a rear naked choke to somebody, you'll feel totally badass.

There's a school in St. Louis.
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Being from Chicago, I love indoor rock climbing during the winter months. It's social, fun, a great workout and it's very meditative. Now that Gravity has closed (SO sad about that), I like to hang at Hidden Peak.
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I second fencing. It's like physical chess. Absolutely the most rewarding and entertaining physicial activity I've taken part in. I wish I could find a good coach in my new city. It's a lot less approachable than Ultimate, though.
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I'm part of a team in the World Kickball Association. It's a lot of fun, and a decent workout if that's your intention.
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One caveat with fencing is it seems to attract a lot of theater nerds.

Don't know if you run much but soccer can be played indoors and outdoors, and is lots of fun.
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If you like biking and if you like music, you can't go wrong with spinning. Most gyms offer it. With the right instructor, it's high-intensity and can really be a lot of fun, and it's great for those cold winter months. You may need to sample several classes to find one that fits with your particular personality, musical tastes, and fitness level, but once you find the right class(es), it's great for mind and bod!
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Crosscountry skiing. Great exersize, inexpensive, out of doors. Can be track skiing or backcountry and there is also a form called "skating" that will really give you a work out. If you like it you can add a rifle to the mix and shoot at targets, I can't remember what that's called though. You can also try hut skiing where you carry a backpack and ski from hut to hut in the backcountry. Great sport.
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Squash. Not outdoors, but awesome.
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Racquetball, like Squash, but different. It's very easy to find opponents matching your skill level and once your know what your doing it is extremely fast-paced.
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I live in Toronto. It's freezing up here in the winter. We play Ultimate year round. I thought everyone did.

That said, I also suggest Squash. It's what I played before I tried Ultimate.
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I'll second jeanmarie and recommend rock climbing, especially indoor rock climbing if you live in a colder area. I play a fair amount of Ultimate (Nationals next week, yay!) and find that hauling myself up some plastic twice or three times a week in the off season really helps work out all those muscles that you don't use in ulti.

Dobbs, I tend not to play indoor ultimate, just to take a break and enjoy it again in the spring.
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Life is short, so pick something dual purpose. Eg like how some martial arts are great sports, but also useful for defense. Competitive ballroom dancing gets incredibly athletic, and in addition is socially useful outside of the sporting environment. Plus, um, seriously sexy people :-)
Stuff that is a great sport in its own right, but you get something else out of it on top of that.
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Orienteering? Use a compass to run around a course in the woods. They do it on skis also, so that's good for the snow.
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Be the first on your block/street/town/county/state to Zorb.
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Huh. Suprised nobody mentioned basketball. Fast-paced, playable in or outdoors, definitely aerobic, definitely common (unlike, ahem, some of the less prevalent stuff above). It's actually really good cross-training for ultimate, in keeping light on your feet and quick.

You could try Goaltimate, too. Cheesy site, but fun game--it's like half-court Ultimate. Probably playable indoors, even.

In my locale, it's possible to play Ultimate year-round, many times a week. This appears to be the case in many locales, you may want to poke around yours.
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Here is a list of other disc sports with rules. If you are particularly interested in improving your aerobic fitness perhaps you could consider discathon, which is basically a running event where you follow a set course and carry 2 discs, one is thrown ahead of you, you run to it, throw the second disc, pick up the first, run on to the second, where you then throw the first one ahead again, and so on. The idea being the more accurate your throws the less distance you will have to travel, and the longer the less you will have to stop, so it helps your disc skills and your fitness.

As a retired ultimate player I would also heartily recommend you get into some regular yoga sooner rather than later. Ultimate is a sport that takes its toll on the joints of its players.
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Did you skate as a kid? If you did I can recommend rollerblading. Easy, outdoors, set your own pace. Only drawback is that all the good looking women are either 1. Going in the other direction or 2. Overtaking you.
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Fencing! Even I loved doing it in college, and I'm not what you would call a sporty person. : )
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Field hockey.
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