Where to consign in Chicago?
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I'm looking for recommendations for consignment stores in or around Chicago where I can sell my collection of vintage clothes.

I have a decent-sized collection of (mostly women's) clothes and shoes. Nothing is designer- most is what you'd expect to find at a hipsterish vintage store. I'm looking to make some money back on it by selling it all in one go, if possible. What consignment store in the Chicago area is my best bet? I am not looking for options to sell individual items (like on Craigslist or Etsy).
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I love Lenny & Me on 1459 N. Milwauke Blvd. They pay on the spot.
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LuciteBox is a virtual vintage shop based in Chicago. Give Holly a shout out if her website looks like a match for what you have.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, Lenny and Me was no longer at that address, and Lucitebox is not what I was looking for. I sold a few things at Buffalo Exchange. Thanks anyway.
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