finding good budget accommodation near art students league
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I will travel from Ireland to study at The Art Students League on 57th St. Any recommendation on finding an adjacent good room to rent, or within easy access in a safe secure neighbourhood, as my budget is very tight. I would also be happy to swap accommodation or hospitality/study period. Thanks
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Best answer: I think Astoria, Queens would be your best's just a few stops to 57th and 7th on tthe Q,R and N.
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Best answer: Hi there :) That neighbourhood is going to be dire for budget student accommodation, but is excellent for subway stations. You can see how well served and well connected various stations along 57th Street are.

Craigslist is probably going to be your best bet. Perhaps if you could tell us when you will need a room and for how long (a year? a semester? a month?), people can suggest specific areas and advise you on the story with sublets and shares.

What is your budget? Because that will really guide the advice people are able to give you.
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"within easy access in a safe secure neighbourhood"

This describes the vast majority of New York City. The public transit system is great and the city is very safe. Despite some what some might believe, its not the 1970's anymore... its quite safe here, particularly considering the huge population.
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Don't count on being able to get a place within walking distance to the ASL unless you have a TON of money.

I agree with brujita -- Astoria or Sunnyside in Queens would be ideal for you.

When I first moved to New York, I lived in Inwood, up at the northern tip of Manhattan. My first job was right near the Art Students League. The commute was easy, with a lovely stroll down 57th Street (one of the great Midtown cross-streets) every morning. Inwood is very safe and from what I understand still affordable.
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Waaaaaaaay Upper West Side, AKA Washington Heights or Inwood. Straight shot down on the A or 1 train, or a lovely bike ride. I know a few artists who may have/know of rooms - feel free to memail me for specifics.
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You might try contacting the Irish-American Historical Society, located on Fifth Avenue. They don't have lodging, but they may be willing to help you find accommodation, especially if you are a writer.
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Response by poster: Thanks mil for taking time to offerl responses! To add to my post:- I'm a semi professional mature female with two adult children. I want to study art at The Art Students League for the full month of this September. I had hoped to swap my home, hospitality or study & home space for a similar period, not necessarily concurrently! My home is listed with I think maybe I left it too late! Otherwise I would be happy to have a room in an apartment where others also live. My tight budget runs to around $1000 for the month. I very much appreciate advice on location and how I may have easy access to The Art Students League. Thanks
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Response by poster: semi prof artist that is!
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What you need is a one month sublet, in Queens. Here are the Craigslist listings. Here is one example in Astoria. It is not too late for September, and $1000 will be fine.
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Response by poster: Astoria, Sunnyside or Inwood, on your recommendation, I would like to check out for any nice available room within a budget of $5/900 just for the month of September only. Most on advert seem to require a longer lease. Any recommendations/sugggestions please.
I have been on some wild goose chases after a scam or two, via craigslist, I think, since I last wrote. So time wasting, so annoying! Thanks.
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