Help my friend eat out on her trip!
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My friend is travelling to San Fransisco in a few weeks (from Australia) with another stop in New York. She has fructose intolerance. What are some places she could eat in these two cities?

There is some overlap between what you can't eat with fructose intolerance and what you can't eat with gluten intolerance, so gluten-free restaurants would be welcomed too.
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I have a co-worker who is gluten-free who likes to go to Spice Kit for lunch. The ssams (korean burritos which use a rice-paper-ish wrap) are delicious!
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Burma Superstar in SF was very vegan, funny-diet friendly - the tea salad is especially amazing and sounds like it might be safe based on a quick read of the fructose intolerance Wikipedia page. I'm not all that familiar with fructose intolerance, but this Mayo Clinic page kinda makes it sound like she just needs to avoid sweets and higly processed foods?

Is there are particular genre of food she particularly likes/is safe? Maybe we could recommend some good places in those cuisines?
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