Fun kid-friendly games for 1st Gen iPod Touch
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Fun, simple, kid-friendly games/apps for a 1st Generation iPod Touch?

Aside from having a sort of puny battery life my 1st Generation iPod touch works just fine, but it seems like whenever I check out an app or game showcased on some blog it is too primitive to run them. There have to be more time tested offerings than Angry Birds, right? The thing is mainly a toy for my 7-year-old kid now so egregiously violent or otherwise questionable content is no-go, though I don't mind non-graphic, cartoony violence (a favorite game was Jetpack Joyride, for example, but we're pretty sick of that now).

As mentioned we've done Angry Birds (and not really interested in any more Angry Bird product) and also already have the "Mefi's own" monkey games - although the kid has basically outgrown those. What else? Almost any genre, apps or games as long as they are entertaining. I don't know if this is true for all 1st Gen. Touches but it has not camera and no microphone.
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Best answer: I don't know which generation Touch we have, but my eight year old daughter has been enjoying Cut the Rope on it; and for the past year or two on her father's phone before that. She's also strangely hypnotized by Harbor Master.
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Best answer: some of these games have a free version as well so you can see if they like it before you buy it.

where's my water
where's my perry (where's my water, phineas and ferb style)
sushi cat
tiny wings
dizzy bee
the last rocket
pocket planes

there's an awesome cartoony plane landing game but it's on my ipad and i don't have it with me. i'll check when i get home. i think it had an iphone/ipod touch version.
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i should add that a.) my 9 year old nephew seems to be obsessed with all these games and b.) with the exception of where's my water/perry and last rocket, all of these ran on my iPhone 3G, as far as i remember.
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Best answer: Plants vs Zombies for sure. It says iOS 3 or greater so I think you're good to go with that one. My 6 yo and I played it forever. The name sounds kinda scary but the game really isn't. Doodle Jump runs on 3.1, and it's good too.
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Best answer: Cover Orange. It has been a source of great bonding between my nephew and me. He's just a few weeks shy of 7.
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nanojath: " I don't know if this is true for all 1st Gen. Touches but it has not camera and no microphone."

Yes it is true for all, the first gen did not have a camera or microphone.

Can you check what firmware version you have? Here's a guide. Make sure iTunes is telling you that there are no new updates for your iPod when you plug it in as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks for lots of great suggestions, I'm sure this will keep us busy for a while! I did check for the most recent version of iOS, IndigoRain.
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the plane landing game is airport mania.
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