How can I attach a pullup bar to my rack?
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I have a weightlifting rack which is made of square, 2" steel tubing. What's the easiest way to attach a pullup bar to it? More generally, what are good ways to attach things to it in general? I'm thinking both of pre-made and DIY. Bonus points for suggesting novel things to attach.
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you might need to be more clear about your rack and what it looks like (eg pictures, links). Power cage, squat rack, or ___ ?
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Does it have a bar going across the top, parallel to the floor, in addition to the side bars, perpendicular to the floor? If so, you should be able to use the frame of the rack like a doorway, and just hang an Iron Gym onto it. (I also agree that a diagram, even a little MSPaint one, may be useful here.)
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In general, I'd probably drill horizontally into the existing rack and use bolts and nuts. Make sure that you drill into the center of the tubing, not near the edge -- it's the edges that have the greatest amount of force on them, so drilling into the center compromises them less.

The other solution would be to weld, but that requires that you have access to a welder and know what you're doing.
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Assuming power rack since I don't think the typical slanting squat rack would be possible to use for chins unless you were like 2 feet tall.

I've seen where they just welded a bar or two on the sides, so that's an option if you're handy. The racks were stable as they were bolted to the floor. Also they make attachments (first google hit) for power racks that bolt on. If you have a generic rack, check measurements for those bolt-on parts so you don't have to drill holes or weld.
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Not sure what type of rack you have, but if it or its type is on this page, what has worked for me is to use the squat rack. Place a bar with no plates (just in case) on bottom level. Lie on back, Grab bar. Pull up while keeping your body rigidly straight. This works the arms, shoulders and the core.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses.

I have a home-made power cage made from 2" square steel tubing which is bolted together. I do NOT want to weld anything.

I am looking to have any pullup bars and the like firmly attached, not simply using gravity.

Ideal would be a store that sells accessories specifically for generic racks like mine.
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