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I"m looking for other online video lecture series on Economics or Philosophy, similar to this Reading Marx’s 'Capital' Volume I with David Harvey. Or alternatively more intellectual "Book Clubs / or Reading groups in London (UK) that do similar sorts of "heavy" books rather than the latest Tom Clancy.

I"ve been going through this Marx's Capital with the David Harvey Videos and its quite enjoyable and enlightening. And much the same as being actually there in the lecture. So I thought perhaps more of these such things exist.

Are there others around that a) are lead by a reputable lecturer and b) on similarly 'deep' or 'heavy' subject matter?

I"ve looked at some of these Khan Academy videos and they are a bit....well basic. i.e. low level, and seem geared more toward high-school students to me.
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Yale, MIT, Oxford, iTunes U, etc.

Book clubs would certainly be worth looking into. I think you've got the wrong idea about what kind of books they read: good luck finding a book club that discusses Tom Clancy.
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What I hear from these internets is that Housman's in London has hosted book discussion groups. I am in Minneapolis, though, so I have no idea if that's true. I know that Richard Seymour, author of American Insurgents, has given readings there, and I think China Mieville as well. If they are anything like the radical bookstores with which I am familiar, there will be flyers and so on for book groups and other book-related events. It would probably be a good place to post a flyer for a reading group yourself if you got desperate.

Also, is there some kind of "free university" or "experimental college" or something in London? Something like Exco here? I've been part of some fairly sophisticated discussion groups via that. I'm not sure how that sort of thing would be described in UK English or whether it would be run as a parallel university at all, so I'm not sure how to google for it.

(My experience of non-radical and non-academic bookclubs has been that they read enjoyable upper-middle-brow books (I've mostly looked at fiction) like Margaret Atwood or what's-his-name, the guy who wrote The Road and discuss at an intelligent but not very theory-driven level. A lot of fun and provides insights, but not rigorous. So while that's not at all at the reading-Tom-Clancy level, it isn't at all at the level of the David Harvey talks.)
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