Trying to "hack" language learning.
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Can anyone recommend blogs about cooking, crafting written in French or German?

I am a big fan of lifestyle hacker Tim Ferris. Since I've been wanting to resurrect my elementary and middle school French and university-level German for a few years now, I decided I would try Ferris' approach of learning a language in 3 months.

One of the key components is to read about things you are actually interested in, in that language. I like reading cooking and crafting blogs in English, and thought that similar blogs in French and German might be a good, gentle introduction to this method.

I appreciate any and all suggestions. Danke! Merci!
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How about Etsy Berlin?

Viel SpaƟ!
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Have a look at Masterchef France's website. The French, as you can imagine, are not going to let just anybody get that title - so the process seems to be a lot more gruelling than in other countries. Lots of recipes, some video and a forum.
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Chocolate and Zucchini is a French food blog run by a bilingual blogger. (Link is to the french version.) Not only is it a great blog, but the author publishes each entry in both English and French, which could be great for your goals.

Bon courage!
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Tuyaux bouffe de Katerine-Lune Rollet.
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How about Etsy Berlin?
They have a French version, too. Very good.

Thanks, all, for the leads!
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