Does anyone know this early 2000s song?
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I'm looking for help with a very vague song identification for a song I heard in the early 2000s on FUSE/Much Music USA. Barring that, I'm looking for recommendations of websites that help identify songs.

I cannot find this song by Googling, and I've asked in a few other communities as well to no avail. This is definitely a very obscure song.

Any and all other facts which I remember about this song may be muddled, and I may have conflated more than one song by the artist in question. Here is what I can remember, listed in order from most to least certain:

The song was about acceptance and unity. The one fact which I very clearly remember was that it contained the lyric "every sexuality".
The song was about dancing.
The song was alternative rock.
The lyrics were in a "shouting" vocal style.
The song mentioned humans and extraterrestrials, or another kind of nonhuman creature.
The video may have used the color red heavily.
The band's name may have had a number in it.
There may have been a lyric about "dancing to a human beat", but I am very unsure about this.

If the song doesn't sound familiar to you, are you aware of any websites that are specifically tailored to helping people identify songs and do not require information about tune or rhythm?

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Best answer: Could it be S.T.U.N. - Boredom? Can't find a video for that song, but here's another one of their videos.
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Response by poster: Yes! I am stunned, so to speak.
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