True Blood criticism?
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Good cultural criticism about True Blood, including recent episodes?

Yes, it can be cheesy or trashy, but True Blood tugs at so many social issues, while still being a campy vampire flick. I want to read episode reviews by people who follow the show and do more than just a recap. I want interpretation and breakdowns of the story arc. But again, on an episode by episode basis, not just overall criticism.
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Television Without Pity used to do this pretty well for The West Wing. You could go see how well they do True Blood. (I don't watch the show and so have no idea.)
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I can confirm that Jacob at TWOP does a fantastic job of analyzing as well as recapping True Blood. Some people find his style “overdone” and pretentious but I love it.
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Racialicious True Blood roundtable. Caution: they are not always superfans.
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Having never seen them before just now, I'd say the episode recaps at Television Without Pity are almost as entertaining as the episodes themselves--and I say that as someone who likes the show.
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Oh, and for the uninitiated who may be checking out TWOP’s True Blood coverage: typically a “recaplet” is posted the day after an episode airs, then later in the week (sometimes just a day or two before the new episode) a much longer, more in-depth piece goes up. So today, all that’s available for last Sunday’s episode is a recaplet. To really get a feel for the style you need to go a week or two back and read a full recap.
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Botched that link: True Blood recaps
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I would check out the website for the Popular Culture Association/Journal of Popular Culture... while this would NOT be specifically episode-by-episode, you might find articles that focus on specific episodes (or at least that are making specific arguments, rather than general claims).
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The A.V. Club does an episode by episode criticism that pretty much always discusses the story arc (or lack thereof) at the beginning of each article.
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