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I'm looking for something like Jux, but that I can host on my own server.

We're looking to do a little interactive newsletter. I really like the look and feel of Jux, but I'd rather use something I can install on our web server.

I guess my requirements would be:
1. Scales nicely for different screen sizes
2. Can swipe between pages on smartphones and iPad
3. No Flash

Any ideas? Thanks a lot.
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I can't see anything in Jux that can't be done easily with WordPress plus a custom made or a modified premade responsive theme.
posted by Memo at 2:16 PM on July 31, 2012

What Memo said, more or less, although "easily done" is obviously person-dependent.

Would it be more accurate to reframe your question as looking for a theme (for some CMS) that behaves roughly as Jux does? (eg. their general "everything-fullscreen" aesthetic.)
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This doesn't seem like a tall order; Magaka does something like this, though I can't say anything about its quality (I only ran into it by accident before). If you use fluid layouts for the pages and get the background right, the transitions and everything should be handled cleanly by jQuery.
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