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Can I inexpensively complete my Jotul KrumKake iron?

I bought a Krumkake iron just like the linked one. It did not have a stand. This makes me sad. I would like to not be sad.

What I would like, in order of preference:
  1. A replacement stand
  2. A second complete iron with a different internal pattern
  3. Live with it and use it without
  4. Get rid of the one I bought and get what I wanted
I bought this at a vintage shop and only after I get it home did I figure out it's incomplete. I've done a lot of searching for a replacement stand to no success, but I don't visit the kind of sites that would possible have such a thing. Google and eBay are failing me. All of the descriptions call the pettern I have "iron heart shaped," but if there are other shapes out there I haven't found them.
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I read Norwegian (being Norwegian and all), and I looked through the biggest Norwegian classifieds ( and none of the krumkake irons listed at the moment had a stand. Not one. The search phrase you need is "krumkakejern" (search also for "krumkake" for those who put an unneeded space between "krumkake" and "jern").

I also live next door to an 2nd hand/antiques shop. I'll drop by later today and ask if this is something they have or see regularly.

If I find something locally, I'm more than happy to buy it and forward it to you, you being a mefite in good standing and all. Memail me if you're interested.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info. I think I'll see if I can hunt a bit. I don't mind having a quest. Knowing it's called a jern is helpful.
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