Vanishing calendar
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After many happy months with Firefox, my Firefox Calendar has disappeared, along with all my appointments and due dates.

My Forecastfox has also vanished, which has happened before (I downloaded it again last time). When I look under "Extensions," both the Calendar and Forecastfox appear, but I can't access the Calendar through Tools like I used to and I can't find ForecastFox anywhere. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, have you somehow retrieved your extensions? The info. in my Calendar will be hard to replace. Thank you!
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Best answer: Have you upgraded recently? I had a similar problem, not with the most recent upgrade (1.0.6), but moving from PR to 1.0 I lost my calendar. For me, it wasn't a huge loss, because I was too lazy to use it anyway.

What you might try doing is going to C:/=>Documents and Settings=>Owner=>Application Data=>Mozilla=>Firefox=>Profiles=>some random 8 character string.default and copy the folder labeled with your extension somewhere else, as well as all the files inside "extensions". Then re-install the extensions you're after, and drag back in those files to their appropriate places, saying no to replacing anything. I don't know if it will save your calendar, but it got me back my ForecastFox with all my settings intact (which I did lose on the most recent upgrade).

Note: always back up your whole profile folder first, just to be sure.
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Response by poster: Many thanks, solotoro, that worked like a charm! And yes, I had upgraded recently, and I've heard of similar things happening to other people.
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This looks like a case for MozBackup - at least for preventing future issues.
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