Things to do in Buenos Aires
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Things to do in Buenos Aires in August? (Yes, I know it's winter...). A friend has just dropped out of a 5 day trip and I'll be there alone, and on my birthday, and I'd like to spoil myself.

A similar previous thread didn't come up with much but hopefully someone will have some suggestions.
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I recall having a great lunch outside at a cafe in the Recoleta neighborhood while I was there in June one year. It was near a square with a giant rubber tree, which I had never seen before. Sorry I can't be more specific.
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OK, BA: See an opera at the Opera Colon, eat Freddo's dulce de leche ice cream daily, if you're not a veg., have dinner at El Caballazzeriza (spelling may be off) in the Puerto Madero area, take a train to El Tigre and get off along the way, especially at San Isidro, take a 45 minute ferry to Colonia, Uruguay for the day or overnight, Museo de Bellas Artes is wonderful, do not miss the Contemporary Art Gallery in San Telmo, spend time in San Telmo...don't know if there's a Saturday market but if there is, it's antiques and other cool stuff, the wine's great; if you're a beer person, Buller's BrewPub on the main restaurant row of Recoleta has good brews. There's a great Mexican (!) restaurant in Palermo Viejo; there's an area called Palermo Hollywood, newly gentrified, lots of clubs and restaurants; try to find Villa Freud - you'll discover that Buenos Aires has more psychologists and psychaitrists than anywhere in the world, I think I heard. Cafe Tortoni is old with great atmosphere; drink cafe cortados but skip the food there.
Oh yes, take the metro, linea A to the end of the line or Linea B (I can't remember which)It's the oldest line in BA, wodden cars and you'll think it's 1936). Spend a little time in La Boca and stop at Rasputin's something or other for a drink... The owner is quite fun.
For a fairly safe adventure, cross the huge 20 lane road, 9deJulio, I think.
Take a one hour flight from the airport that's in-town to Mendoza where you can visit wineries, stay in the Hotel Park Mendoza (make reservations at a travel agent-much cheaper)..
so, that's what I'm remembering right now. BA is a great city.
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one more thing- take a tango lesson in San Telmo. The big tango shows 'Senor Tango' and others are very Las Vegas but entertaining nevertheless...
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Wow, lois1950 covered just about everything I know about BsAs. If you do get into the Tango, you should take a look at the Tango Store's
CDs. You can sample every CD in the store with this barcode reading electronic jukebox thing. I walked out of there with about $200 worth of CDs. I could probably have my own Tango radio station now. Oh, and buy the CDs, because all you're going to find on P2P is Astor Piazzola. Look here for their contact info. I remember their store being on Corrientes or Cordoba or something ... call and make sure.

If you make a friend that wants to show you around Rosario (~4hrs away), take them up on it. You'll be one of 10 foreigners there. It's a run-down alternate universe mini-Buenos Aires with wonderful nightlife, beautiful people, and a whole lot of character. But only go if you're going to be shown around.

Oh, and btw penguin pie, you may want to say that you're from "Las Malvinas" and not "The Falklands" if anyone asks ;)
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There's a huge garage rock festival every year in Buenos Aires, called the "No Fun Festival" or something similar.
Send an email to the folks (ask for Claudia) and they'll let you know.
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Response by poster: Lois1950, you rock, I can't wait, thank you.

Oh, and btw penguin pie, you may want to say that you're from "Las Malvinas" and not "The Falklands" if anyone asks ;)

Thanks redteam, I got it covered ;) I will also be leaving the "I union-jack-heart The Falklands" t-shirt at home, and the words ochenta y dos won't pass my lips unless someone else mentions it first.

PS. I don't really have such a t-shirt, honest (fortunately I don't think such things exist)...I'm a pom, not a chay, as they say in these parts, (i.e. from England), and not prone to flag waving.
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