Looking for a new name for the company.
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Need help naming a small HR development business

I am in the process of coming up with a name for a small company. HR training focused with services like:
English training & testing (business classes for corporate clients)
Prepping businessmen for overseas management programs
Leadership consulting
Self-study online courses

What (I think) sets the company apart:
Home-grown solutions
High quality service
Any suggestions? Even if you don’t have a suggestion, any ideas on tools or resources I can use to help the process would be appreciated.
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We, the people
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"Vanguard Educational Research"
"Academy Consulting"
"Spearpoint Courseware"
"First Wave Courseware"
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Would be good to have an idea on how you think, in order to suggest the best names. What names have you come up with?
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A good way to name something is to come up with a few cues to begin with, then brainstorm names under those cues. This way you get a good idea of what you want to emphasis in the new company name e.g. what is the first impression you'd like to convey.

For example, from the information you've given, cues might be

ENGLISH (language)
Albion Business Training (old name for England)

Vanguard (as already put forward)

Lingua Franca (term for a language bridging between two other languages)

I'd try to put more examples under the above but short on time. But you might get the idea.

p.s. 'high quality service' comes under the umbrella of the minimum you'd expect from any consultant therefore not really a point of difference to build on. Home-grown solutions is more in the right direction if your competitors are not able to compete in this area.
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ouke - if only it was French we taught!

Kruger5 - I'm sorry but I can't give that information now.
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