Funny movies on Netflix
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Hilarious movies available right now on Netflix instant. Okay, go.

I need a serious pick-me-up. Witty/quirky/raunchy are all good. I'm not so into Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, etc. Office Space was awesome. Other than that, I'm drawing a complete blank on comedies I like, so the field is wide open. What should I watch if I want to laugh?
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Withnail and I.
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In the Loop
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Not movies. But Archer. Arrested Development

Both have tremendous rewatch value too.
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Groundhog Day. But it's pretty bleak for a while.
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Oh, God, yes, In the Loop is like Christmas for your Netflix. Also excellent is the Conan O'Brien documentary.
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Hot Tub Time Machine - it is puerile and predictable, but it was dumb funny.
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Peep Show
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Raising Arizona?
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Trailer Park Boys.
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Hot Tub Time Machine was surprisingly funny.
Futurama and 30 Rock are also two good old standbys.
For some reason they have Airplane II but not Airplane!

I just flipped through Netflix up and down and this was all I could come up with.
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Notamovie category:

Inbetweeners: British show, funniest thing on Netflix IMO. Filthy, but not graphically so.
The League: American show, also filthy. Hard to enjoy if you're not familiar with fantasy football to some degree, or at least the NFL
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I agree with Patbon on "Inbetweeners." Hilarious.
Also, the more I re-watch "Arrested Development," as per zackola, the more I realize this might be the most consistently brilliantly funny sitcom of all time.
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Nthing Arrested Development, Archer, Inbetweeners and Peep Show. If you like Peep Show, That Mitchell and Webb Look is an obvious next choice.

Netflix also has a season of Workaholics...which I like to think of as a live-action sequel to Beavis and Butt-Head (also partially available on Netflix).
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Tucker & Dale vs Evil
nthing Raising Arizona
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The IT Crows and Father Ted are two very funny British (Isles) sitcoms from Graham Linehan.
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Erik the Viking
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The IT Crowd, yes yes yes. I could just cry, it's so funny.

Definitely seconding Father Ted, but it's a slightly different kind of mood.

But Trailer Park Boys is also on a similar spectrum as The It Crowd, too, if you need a certain edge of profane stupidity.
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I must have watched Four Lions three times the week it came to Netflix. I might go watch it again right now.
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Raising Arizona and the Big Lebowski are both on Netflix Instant. Just try to stay in a bad mood while watching either!
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Oh and if you are open to TV shows - in addition to the other great suggestions: Parks and Recreation and How I Met Your Mother. Both are upbeat and funny without being stupid.
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It gets panned a lot, and it had horrible box office, but Nothing but Trouble is one of my all time favorites and (as of December when I watched it last) available on Netflix instant.
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Coldblooded is one of my favorites. Never released on DVD but available on Netflix Instant.

Let It Ride is cute.

Some other good stand-up comics on Netflix: Jake Johannsen, Bill Burr, Pablo Francisco... There's a bunch of Eddie Izzard videos, too... Dress to Kill is my favorite of his.

Fun/Silly TV Shows: Reaper and Better Off Ted (Portia de Rossi is great in this). Dead Like Me comes and goes, currently not available on instant.
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Duck Soup.
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Wet Hot American Summer!
Parks and Recreation -- especially "The Fight" from Season 3. Funniest single episode of any TV show ever.

and of course, 2nding Arrested Development
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I really liked The Winning Season about a former basketball star who takes over coaching the girl's team at his old high school. It's sort of a sarcastic Hoosiers. It has Sam Rockwell in it who is wonderfully odd.
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Unfortunately, of the four suggestions faustdick mentioned above, only The Seven-Year Itch is available for streaming on Netflix.

Just want to second the recommendation for The IT Crowd. Hilarious.

Also, you can't go wrong with The Big Lebowski. Or how about A Fish Called Wanda? AND they have Dr. Horrible!
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nth-ing Tucker and Dale vs Evil

I Love You Phillip Morris
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I just watched The Fairy the other day. It's a charming movie that had me laughing out loud.
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The Cable Guy
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The Trip.
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