What do I use in my '95 Camry as power steering fluid?
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My '95 Toyota Camry uses Dexron II transmission fluid as power steering fluid, but nobody sells Dexron II anymore...

So what do I use? Apparently actual power steering fluid is bad for the system. And there seem to be more Dexron products out there, but I haven't any idea if they're appropriate.
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Why not call the service department at a Toyota dealer and ask them what they use now that Dexron II is no longer available.
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Have you called a Toyota dealer? It probably will be pricier going through them, but power steering fluid isn't something you should have to buy often.
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Dex-III is almost always backwards compatible with Dex-II.
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If you look on the back of the bottles at the auto parts stores, it will typically expand on the backwards compatibility.

"For use in Dex 2, Dex 3 systems", something along those lines.

The dealership can definitely suggest and/or sell you the correct fluid.

Do you have a leak? Power steering fluid won't usually get low. Some components of the power steering operate at a reasonably high pressure, and if you have a leak on the high pressure side your pump will squirt out a quart of fluid in no time whatsoever (along the lines of taking 10 corners or so).
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Ah, that's good to know.

Yes, I definitely have leaks, but at the present moment it's cheaper to refill than it is to repair according to my repair people.
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I recently filled my 98 Camry with Dex3 about 4 months ago and its been working great so far.
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Yep, I explain it as "Dex II or newer" fluid.
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On a couple of toyota's I've worked on the power steering would leak on (and eventually break) the alternator - so I would suggest checking on that possibility.
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