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How much are COOs paid at small, profitable, private tech firms in Boston?

I’m a successful senior manager in a non-tech field, and I’m interviewing for a COO position at a young, small, profitable technology (SaaS) company in Boston. The company is growing, and I would be the first COO. I have a feeling we’ll have our first salary discussion in the next few days. Let’s assume we’re just talking about salary and bonus, not equity.

I’m very comfortable with how to negotiate salary, so don’t need advice there. And, if the package involves equity, I’m comfortable navigating the discussion. But, since my experience is not in tech but in other industries, I don’t have a lot of data to work off of when it comes to what’s reasonable to ask for in terms of base and bonus, what COOs make elsewhere, etc.

What should I know, and what can you tell me?
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~150K with variations based on the level of success you had in COO type functions.
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Check out They have pretty good salary info.
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