Simple, Cheap Tagless Tshirts?
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Looking for cheap, tagless men's tshirts...any recommendations?

I used to go to a local Finish Line and stock up on basic, single color cotton tshirts at something like 5 for $20. They have stopped offering this deal so I'm looking for something similar online, but the google results for tshirts are...overwhelming.

My requirements are pretty simple

(1) small or medium sizes
(2) no tag
(3) a decent variety of colors
(4) inexpensive
(5) no logos / patterns / eyesores

Athletic / fitted / slim options would be nice but not necessary.

Quality would be a bonus but I'm more interested in having a variety of good enough stuff than a shirt that will last 10 years. Any ideas?
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Check out the Everlane site (sorry I can't link right now). The shirts are $15, so perhaps not as cheap as you'd like, but I am very impressed by the quality and they definitely have no tags.
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For cheap, Old Navy. For not-cheap, Patagonia. (50% off sale right now.)
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My husband, son and I all love the Mossimo ones at Target. Tagless, cheap, soft. Old Navy is good too, but you can't go wrong with the 8 dollar Target ones. They fit all of your criteria.
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I usually cut the tags off my shirts... just cut it close enough that the overlap on the seam covers the stub. Also, sometimes tags tear off easily enough that it seems they're made to. When neither of these are viable, with an exacto knife and about 90 seconds of determination, you can pick between the stitches and remove the tag entirely.
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This site has super cheap shirts. Some are tagless, some aren't.
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Fruit of the Loom or Jerzees are a good bet.
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The Mossimo "Athletic Fit" shirts sold at Target have been my go-to t-shirts for several years now. Good quality, great fit, and tons of colors.
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I like Denver Hayes that's 100% cotton or their Stretch line which is 95% cotton 5% spandex (sold through Marks... huh, well, anyways they used to be called Mark's Work Warehouse) brand. Not expensive, no tags (details printed where the tag would be). Incredibly durable, feels good. Comes in solid colours.

You sound kinda like my own body type and their small fits me very well without being too skin-tight, and I especially like the wider-cut shoulders and non-trumpet sleeves. Sometimes hard to find items available in small, though. (5'9+, 150lbs, very skinny)
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Hanes has a tagless line as well.
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K8t, every t-shirt I saw at Patagonia had a huge logo splashed across the front. Just saying...
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I was going to suggest Target but didn't remember the name until I read the thread. The Mossimo ones are nice.

Calvin Klein (sold at Macy's and other dept. stores) are nice too, but if you don't get them on sale they want $30/ea. or something else similarly ridiculous. They are much softer and have better elastics, although I'm not convinced that they'll stand up to washing any better than the cheap ones.
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Target's Merona line of shirts are sometimes tagless.
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Land's End
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Alms - that's weird. At least with the women's there are 4-5 styles each season that are logo-less.
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I usually get these at Academy. I like the pocket. They are generally about $3 in the store.
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