How to hang IKEA's 5x7 Ribba frame from the small, recessed clip on the back?
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How to hang IKEA's Ribba frames when they don't come with a wire across the back?

I have several 5x7 Ribba frames I want to hang. They don't have a wire across the back; instead, there's a small metal clip on the back. The problem is that the clip is at the back of the recess, rather than on the edge that will touch the wall. So in order to hang it from a nail, the nail head would have to stick out from the wall by about an inch. That seems weird and would require some very large nails for a very small picture frame. Any ideas?
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I just bought some hanging wire from Michaels (about 4 bucks) and threaded it through the clip to hang the frame.
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I put screw-in eyelets in the backs of mine, and put hanging wire between them, but then the eyelets stuck out far enough to make the frames not lay flat against the wall. I ended up sticking an extra eyelet in the back, along the bottom edge of the frame, to prop it out from the wall so everything would be even. It's not an ideal solution, but it's here in case nothing better gets suggested...
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How to hang a RIBBA frame
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I used command mounting strips. The small ribba frames really are terribly designed.
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You could affix a 3M Command hook upside down inside each of the side walls and loop a wire between them.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone -- katypickle, does the wire show above the frame, or make it stand out from the wall?

(Also, thanks for the introduction to "Google," but you'll note that those results address the frames that come with wires to string across the backs, which is why I specified that I was looking for help with the frames with the recessed clips only.)
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