Forums with good multimedia discussions to read?
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I'm looking for discussion forums which cover a wide variety of different media in one space. Examples:'s Other Media forum, Metafilter on a media-heavy day, Fandom Fail Anon. Places where fans of all types of media rub elbows amicably in one relatively fast-moving forum.

I love the forums I've mentioned above and I'd love to find some more like that. I'm looking for places to mostly lurk/read, as I'm not a big poster. I'm not sure if that'll effect the answers? But I figured I'd best mention it upfront, just in case.

Things I'm looking for:
  • All the discussion takes place in one forum - no subforums for different media.
  • Wide variety of media discussed, preferably without one form of media dominating excessively. Books (literature and genre and YA fiction), TV shows, movies, anime, western animation, comics and web-comics, Youtube videos and series, video games, roleplay, music, fanfic, fandom as a whole, etc. Multimedia free-for-all!
  • Other topics (current events, politics) are also ok, but not as the main focus.
  • Amicable, polite discussion, where fans of different genres can talk to one another peaceably. Mild ribbing/joking/sarcasm is welcome, but constant vitriol is not. I'd like somewhere where people feel comfortable expressing their views but it doesn't get to the name-calling stage too often. Active mods would be nice.
  • Relatively fast moving, with a number of new comments daily.
  • Does not require a sign-up or mod approval to view the forum contents.
Would be a big plus but not essential:
  • Where I Watch/Where I Read/Let's Play threads, where one person shares their experience with a show/book/game with the forum episode by episode or chapter by chapter.
  • I'd love it if there were some discussions of any of the following media/genres: anime, YA and children's fiction, fantasy fiction, fan fiction, vocaloid. Definitely not a deal-breaker, as I love to read posts on media and genres I'm not as familiar with, too. Great way to find new things.
Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions you might have!
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"All the discussion takes place in one forum - no subforums for different media."
This requirement eliminates every place I could possibly recommend.

My daily media forum clicks include Snarkfest 4.0, Crown Princess MarieChantal of Greece, and Quarter To Three. All of them subdivide their forums by media.
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