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Japanese MeFites: what songs did you learn as a kid?

Inspired by thermonuclear.jive.turkey's fun post, I'm interested in hearing more traditional Japanese nursery rhymes and songs.

Every American knows the abc song, Old Macdonald, etc. What songs are similar in Japan?

I'm looking for, I don't know how to say, native songs, not just language back-fits like Old Macdonald sung in Japanese.

Examples(?): Zou-san and Donguri koro koro...
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Suzume no gakko
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Definitely "Suzume no gakko" ("Sparrows' School"), "Teru teru bozu" and Zou-san ("Mr. Elephant"), as mentioned above. A few others:

- Musunde hiraite ("Close Hands, Open Hands")
- Satchan (about a girl named Satchan, diminutive form of Sachiko)
- Chocho ("Butterfly")
- Tombo no megane ("The Dragonfly's Eyeglasses")
- Kamome no suihei-san ("Sailor Seagull")
- Kishapoppo ("Choo-choo Train")
- Hatopoppo ("Cooing Pigeon")
- Shabondama ("Bubble," like a soap bubble)
- Onakano heru uta ("The Hunger Song")
- Amefuri ("Rainfall")
- and I think all kids learn Sakura Sakura (wiki), though I wouldn't necessarily call it a children's song
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alice beat me to almost every song I can remember!
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Two more...
Shojoji no tanuki bayashi (story and lyrics here)
Momotaro-san (story and lyrics here)
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Response by poster: These are all great, thanks! I'd also be interested in rhymes or chants kids use for jumping rope or whatever else. What's the equivalent of "eenie meenie miney moe?"

On occasion, I end up in the company of kids, and teaching them something (not too difficult, and for short lengths of time) is fun for them AND me.
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Search for warabe uta. This page, for one, lists chants for jump rope, rock-paper-scissors, etc., with an mp3 link beside each title. どれにしようかな ("Which one shall I choose?") is what I think of as the Japanese "eenie meenie."
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