greater west london by the airport?
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What is it like living in Hounslow or out Heathrow Airport way? Is it possible to find a three-bedroom house to rent that would allow pets? Are there lots of coffee shops?
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I'm sure someone else can give you a more detailed and nuanced answer, but briefly from my limited and probably biased perspective the answers to your questions are: depressing, yes, and no.
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Whether or not you could rent a house where you'd be allowed pets would depend on the landlord and the pets. As for your second question, I'm trying hard, but I'm finding it difficult to think of a part of London that has less of a coffee shop culture than Hounslow, and I can't. It's mostly a depressing suburb full of 1930s houses for people who work at Heathrow.
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It depends how big an area you are looking in. Hounslow is a bit depressing but somewhere like Richmond is very nice and has more of a coffee shop culture. If you are going to be working at the airport then you can get a bus direct there from Kingston which also has more coffee shops. Finding somewhere which accepts pets is normally more difficult but some landlords do allow it for a larger security deposit.
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It's a long time since I spent much time in those parts, but assuming what I know still has any relevance...

"Out Heathrow way" covers many places, some of which are much different to others. If you want a place that is pet friendly, and attractive to coffee shop lovers, you might consider places that are outside London proper, but near Heathrow. Maybe somewhere like Staines.

Inside London, places like Northfields, South Ealing, Twickenham are not too far from Heathrow, and generally greener and a lot more likely to give you the coffee shop culture you seem to want.

Hounslow itself, unless it has changed drastically, is on the grim side, though it has some nicer pockets. But it's also nearer to the airport and significantly cheaper than those other places. So if you want to be near the airport, be on that tube line, and can't or don't want to pay the prices for the more upmarket places, then you might pick Hounslow as your most workable option.
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Richmond is nice but very expensive, I would imagine considerably more than Hounslow. Northfields is less so.

Northfields does indeed have a lot of nice coffee shops and places to sit and read or meet friends. (There's a nice creperie there, and a lovely cake shop.) There's also a park that connects onto Walpole Park, the main park in Ealing, so if your pets are dogs that would be perfect.

I know people who have found it near impossible to find a rental place with pets but it wouldn't hurt to raise it early on with the letting agency or clarify it on Gumtree.
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