I like Chris Marker movies, especially Sans Soleil. What other movies would I like?
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What other people have done stuff like Chris Marker's documentaries? Is there a movie anywhere that's even a little bit like Sans Soleil?
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Maybe some of Agn├Ęs Varda's documentaries, to some degree? They're so often spoken of in the same breath although their styles and personalities are very different.

I recall that in the notes for the Criterion reissue of Sans Soleil, Orson Welles' F for Fake is mentioned as an influence a few times.

Any more detail to share about what you liked about Sans Soleil and what else you've already seen?
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Response by poster: Sure. What I like about Sans Soleil, besides everything, is the combination of the very personal and the very exploratory -- the willingness to fondly chase after cats, and then right afterwards wax aphoristic about revolution and femininity, and then go right into road trip footage again. Also just the feel of it, the sound and the colour. I can smell certain shots in that movie.

I've seen and loved The Gleaners and I. Never seen F for Fake, that looks right on the money.
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I didn't like F for Fake as much, but I also love Marker. The kind of film, I believe, is known as an Essay film and there are a few on this list that are similar.
If you're into the more political nature of Marker, Grin without a Cat is definitely worth the investment.
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You might enjoy "Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti" by Maya Deren.
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I'm not sure if Sherman's March would fit the bill.
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By the same director as Sherman's March: I think Time Indefinite is the better film.

You might like the freeness of David Holzman's Diary but reading anything about it first will definitely alter your first viewing. Not sure how Markerish I'd consider it (if at all), but for some reason it comes to mind.
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Maybe I Am Cuba?
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Lightning Over Water - Wim Wenders
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. This has already given me a lot to watch and think about. Sadly -- maybe you've heard, Chris Marker died today. The fact that I posted this yesterday actually seems a little Markeresque. Which perhaps is a sign that I've seen too many of his movies. Or too few.
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It's been a long time since I saw both, but maybe Gambling, Gods and LSD?
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Der Nebel (The Fog)
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Yes, do see the rest of Varda's stuff. And make sure you get the recent DVD's with all the extras--usually including little mini-documentaries where she revisits people and places from the film, etc. She's a charming lady who's had an interesting life and seems continually fascinated by people.
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