How can I watch whole Olympic basketball games online?
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How can I watch whole Olympic basketball games online? I'm in Australia. Every search I do seems to turn up things that look a little like malware. Live and legal would be my first preference, but I don't mind if I have to download an entire game as an avi and watch it afterwards. Thanks!
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If you can go through a UK-based proxy server, the BBC is what you need.

It's not pirated and it is live.
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Does your ISP carry usenet binaries? (If you're with Internode, the answer is 'yes'.) If so, grab games from there.
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Some of my friends are using Tunnelbear. It's a VPN that makes it look like you are on a UK server. Monthly-based subscription.
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Sent you a MeFiMail.
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I have been using witopia as a proxy to the UK and it works very well for $6(US) per month. then you can just watch everything on the BBC iPlayer.
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Just pointing out that most of the malware looking sites actually CAN stream the game to you, if you can mine your way through the crap. I use Chrome in incognito plugins set to click-to-activate. I then usually right click and hit Inspect Element and delete the non-flash-player iframes to remove all the crap on top of them and activate the stream Flash and it works. Might be a bit more than you bargained for, but it can definitely work.
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