Help searching for old PC and Playstation 1 games? Probably about early to mid 90's
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Help searching for old PC and Playstation 1 games? Probably about early to mid 90's

Trying to hunt down 3 separate games and not having a whole lot of luck with google >_< Any help is massively appreciated!

1st Game:
PC, very old possibly on floppy discs. I kind of remember having anywhere from 3-8 floppy discs in order in install, maybe even play it. The game started in a cave and you were a guy that had to escape it. I can't remember for sure, but I think you didn't have any details about the character, you had to find out information as you went.

Once outside the cave, there was a lot of forest areas to explore and you could get attacked by any number of creatures as you moved from one zone to another. By zone, I mean that was your mode of movement, from one "screen" to another, it wasn't free motion like Doom, more like a visual version of Zork in that you could move N, S, E, W by hitting the edge of the screen zone.

I remember getting attacked by rabbits, possibly vampire rabbits, I think werewolves too. Once area that you explored had a lake or pool that a selkie woman was in that tried to seduce you, but if you helped her out and were nice to her, she was nice back and grateful for your aid and wouldn't try to kiss and drag you into the water. Eventually, you could make your way to a town that had a castle. There was a change in time from day to night, so going out at night meant getting attacked more. There were controls at the bottom, like Monkey Island or Doom, where you could choose your actions or items.

Somehow, the castle was especially important, like either the main enemy was there or you had to get in there, but I don't remember ever getting that far in the game. I also remember in the town, there was a fountain or garden in it. Overall, pretty colorful ^_^

2nd Game:
PC, possibly cd by this time. This game was a weird space comedy game, with you playing a man that was trying to explore this strange planet he was on. It felt like you were a space detective, but I don't think that was his profession, just trying to explore. It was in 3rd person view. If I remember correctly, you were actually stuck on that planet, like stranded or some such. It was a pretty colorful game too, I remember there was an alien arcade with super bright colors and there was a game called Toe Jam Football or such. There was also random comedy moments, like when I was exploring a store and when I tried to click on something, the game said "Don't touch that, we don't know where you've been." Pretty sure there was a bar there too, but no, it wasn't Space Bar and it wasn't Callahan's Crosstime Saloon. Much more comedic than those.

3rd Game:
Playstation 1, not sure how many cd's. 2nd or 3rd person view

This was a very anime/comic style of game where in the beginning of the game, you had...7 people? to choose from. Each of them started in their own "area" (or possibly even planet) and you had to guide them through areas. Not sure what their goals were. Super colorful game again. I just remember one of the characters was this guy that you took into a laser room, or at least that is what it reminded me of. There was a beam of light that you could direct moving different crystals in the room. I'm not sure if moving the beam was to unlock the next room or not.

I hope those were detailed enough explanations, but if you need more info, please ask ^_^ These games have been driving me insane trying to find them. Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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Best answer: Game 1 sounds like Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness. Which makes me think that game 2 could be one of the Space Quest games, although I couldn't say which.
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Best answer: Second game sounds a lot like one of the Space Quest games.
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Best answer: OH and I think the third game is SaGa Frontier.
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Response by poster: Baf, first game is indeed QforG 4, just looked it up on youtube! Oh my gods, thank you so much! Man, I miss that game ^_^ Now I shall check out the other suggestions...
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Response by poster: Checked out the other suggestions too, it looks like the space one is indeed Space Quest, so far I am thinking it is Space Quest 4. And Saga Frontier looks very familiar too, although I haven't found the crystal part yet, but I figure now it is only a matter of time ^_^

Thank you BAF and LittleSQ! You guys were so much help and have put my gamer mind at ease at last ^_^
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The second game reminds me of Cosmic Spacehead, which existed in a bunch of versions, including DOS. It's a weird mishmash of platforming and point-and-click adventure game, it's super-colorful, it's sci-fi with some humor thrown in, and you play as a character who's stuck on planet Linoleum. Here's a gameplay video.
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Response by poster: Thank you Nomyte, but it wasn't Cosmic Spacehead, although that does look pretty interesting. Might have to try it out ^_^

And as for Saga Frontier, found the crystal part! It was the Luminous Labrynth! ^_^
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Response by poster: Oh! And figured out which Space Quest it was, it was Space Quest 6 that I had played, so much fun ^_^
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If you are trying to find them to play them, sells a Quest for Glory pack that contains all five games in the series, as well as a couple of Space Quest packs that each have three or four games in them.
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I've not played Space Quest 6, but your description sounds a lot like the beginning of Space Quest 4 which, because its gimmick is time travel, pretends to be various other Space Quest games at different points, including supposedly later sequels. (Which, sadly, stopped coming after SQ6.)
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