Where can I find a Tiffany's style bubble ring in my price range?
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Where can I find a Tiffany's style bubble ring like this in my price range?

My wife and I got engagesd spontaneously many years ago in Barcelona and found a ring that looked quite a bit like this for about $100. Unfortunately, this ring got lost one day while changing a nappy of our first son!

Since then, I have been slyly trying to find her a similar design, even speaking to some jewelers about making one hand-made. The offers have been pretty expensive - +$1,000 which seems excessive.

I have found this on amazon which is also similar but, as with the tiffany's ring, the jewels go all around the ring. In our ring, the jewels were only on the top.

We do not need diamonds - CZ is fine but the original ring was white gold (probably not a very high grade).

Any ideas?
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Well, the old saw on AskMe is suggesting Etsy's Alchemy, however that has been on hiatus for some time. However, there are lots of fabulously talented jewelers on etsy - why not ask a few of them for quotes?

I don't see anything just like the Amazon ring you're looking for at a quick glance, but here are a few interesting things I came across 1 2 3 4 (#3 looks particularly interesting, and is just $54!)

Alternately, could this be a good time for a trip back to Barcelona? You are unlikely to find the same ring, but you could find a new one with a new special story to go along with it...
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I was just about to post arnicae's 3 & 4 suggestions, but I'll add these from Etsy: 5 6 7, plus these on Amazon: 8 9
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Ebay? Another.
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I did searches for "bezel set" rather than for "bubbles." Here's one with only three stones on Amazon. Here's one on ebay. Oooh, and here's one that's white gold with sapphires with pretty much the exact design you want!
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This is similar, but in sterling silver.
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@ essexjan - this is exactly what I am looking for but discontinued!!
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I've found this one on an Australian website. I don't know if they'd ship to the USA, but you could ask. For something as light as a ring, the shipping won't be extortionate.
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They ship to the USA for $19.95 (Australian dollars - so the AU$76 for the ring + shipping comes out at about $80)
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How about this one?
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@essexjan - thanks again! Great suggestions! Not to be a pain, but that one is slightly off cause there are only 9 bubbles. The one from Berricle is much closer to what she had.

Thanks to everyone for all of the help and ideas - really appreciatedd!
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