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Twitter question: If I have the URL of an individual tweet, is there a way to see the next and previous tweets from that user?

Sometimes I happen upon an old blog post or something that links to an individual tweet from a Twitter account. Like this:

I've found that when I want more context for the tweet, the conversation is often old enough (or the user is prolific enough) that scrolling through the entire stream is untenable. What I want to be able to do is get from that page to the tweets that came immediately before and after from the same user.

Is there a Greasemonkey script or some other web tool that'll do that for me?
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If it's within the user's most recent 3200 tweets, you can locate it in the timeline and then read the next and previous entries.

I don't know of any web services that do this automatically, but if you're comfortable with a scripting language (like Python), you could grab all of the user's available tweets and find the ones you want.
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