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How to find a trans-friendly doctor in Northern Virginia?

I'm hoping someone here can offer some guidance, either in the form of a resource for finding care or a direct recommendation of a doctor.

My girlfriend is MtF transgendered, still in the hormone treatment stages of transition. As a result of a recent move and recent acquisition of insurance, she needs to find an effective, issue-sensitive general practitioner in the vicinity of Northern Virginia who accepts Blue Cross. Springfield, if you got it.
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When I needed to find a trans-friendly specialist after a car accident, I asked my local LGBT center. One of the staff members was FTM and gave me personal recommendations.

If there's no center, try some of the gender therapists in the area. They may be able to refer you to at least an endocrinologist who could then give you more advice about local GPs.
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LGBT centers always have this info. Try these. And the GLMA has provider listings in VA here.

Also if there are any support groups in the area, or any local email list serves (you could join those anon if you want), they should also be able to help. I wonder if her former physician may have some leads in your new town?

Not sure if you're near Richmond but here are some recs for there that someone else asked elsewhere.

Also as someone who has been the partner of a trans person, I have called drs on my own to quiz them on their trans friendly-ness/trans-knowledge before. It was hard for my partner to make those calls b/c sometimes the answers on the other line are not I was happy to do that screening first.
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I live in Springfield, VA. I'm gay. I know being gay doesn't equate to an understanding of MtF transgendered issues, but it's a close second to having an empathy and understanding of the situations at hand.

My old doctor, Dr. Fender, is someone who you would probably find quite friendly and open to the issues at hand. If he can't help you out, I'm betting he can point you to someone who can.

He's a general practitioner who accepts BCBS. He's also a no-bullshit, slightly acerbic doctor who deals with the issues without giving a rip about the person's persuasion.

I went to him on the recommendation of another gay friend in the area. (again, not equating 'gay' to 'transgendered', but there's a common ground of understanding in there...)

MeMail me if you need clarification.
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The DC Trans Coalition has a resource page that might help.
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