Seeking a small, tapered, French rolling pin
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Can someone guide me to a small, handleless, tapered rolling pin that is truly meant to be used and is from a trust worthy place?

I love my tapered French rolling pin and will never go back to one with handles. I especially love the way the taper keeps my edges from thinning out. However, the thing is really long, too long for things like parker house rolls, small flat breads, and tortillas. Finding a tapered rolling pin around 13 inches long is, for some reason, crazy hard.

I have found this fellow's lovely pins of the right size and finish but they don't have that taper.

I found this chapati pin that is probably perfect but it seems to have a finish on it that doesn't look food-safe. Also, the website seems a little skeevy. It seems to repeat a theme I have found with chapati pins. Love the shape but they are often painted and from websites I think look questionable.

I live out in the boonies so making my way to an Indian cookware shop is out. I would be willing to call a reputable brick and mortar and order over the phone. I know this seems like a crazy obsession but I just rolled out three batches of parker house rolls with a giant French pin and it has lit a fire under my ass to make this happen.
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Best answer: Etsy craftspeople will totally take special orders, though. Why not contact that shop owner and describe what you want?
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nevermind, that one is too long. sorry
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It is more difficult finding shorter ones in wood, but here are a couple in metal and in bamboo.
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Oh, ugh, the Martha one is too long too. Sorry.
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Oh, here is one in wood. Choose the small one.
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Belans are foodsafe enough and while the websites look skeevy, they are also accustomed to customers calling orders in by phone because we think they look skeevy too!
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I have one exactly like you describe, and it's Finnish. I actually bought mine in Finland, but they are commonly used there and I wonder if one could be obtained here in North America in communities with high populations of Finns.

Don't know if that's helpful or not.
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I've placed several successful and safe orders at iShopIndian (which infini linked to), including some cookware, so if that belan appeals to you, have no fear on that count.
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Or try Etsy - there's a number of them and I didn't go through them all, but this one is close
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Rolling pins are crazy easy to make if you've got a lathe. Find a friend that has a woodshop and talk them into spending half an hour making one with you.
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A cheap handsaw will make a long one into a short one in about 2 minutes.
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Fantes will have something. They may have more in the shop than on the site, too, if you call them.
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I had someone hack the ends off my French rolling pin
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Response by poster: I have contacted the fellow who makes those lovely pins on Etsy and he is totally game. Not only do I get to pick the diameter and length, but I get to say the taper and the type of wood. Very nice.
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