Will the removal of my ureteral stent be painful?
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Yesterday I had a cystoscopy during which the MD used a laser to break up a stubborn kidney stone. He then placed a stent with strings attached up in there somewhere and the strings extend out from my penis. I am scheduled to have the stent removed on Monday morning and the idea of pulling this thing out of my penis by yanking on the strings is giving me a bad case of the fantods. What can I expect here? Is it going to be a brief moment of hellish pain or should it slide out without excessive discomfort?
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I haven't had a stent removed like that, but I have had to have a catheter placed and removed, and it is intense, but if you breathe really deep and don't clench up (hard to not to, because that's your natural reaction), it's really not terrible. It doesn't hurt so much as feel really weird really strongly, but it's for a short time.
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I had a stent (no strings) removed via my penis some weeks after receiving a kidney transplant. A small instrument was inserted in my urethra and somehow found its way up to the ureter connecting the kidney to my bladder, grabbed the stent, and removed it.

There was a brief moment of intense discomfort as the instrument/stent passed what the urologist said was the prostate area; other than that, it was fine.

I don't know how this will match up with your experience, but it doesn't hurt to ask the doctor.

I had a moment before I left the office when I urinated and some air came out, as expected. This was both hilarious and not at all uncomfortable.
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I've never had a stent removed, but I have had Foley catheters removed a couple of times and my experience was comparable to those above. I have had a few other procedures I was apprehensive about done in the doc's office, and a little Valium or something helps a lot. Docs are usually OK with prescribing one tablet for something like this. You'll need someone else to drive if you go this route. Good luck, I'm sure it won't be as bad as you're afraid it might be.
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Well I had one removed and it isn't the stent that necessarily hurts it is the ureter that flutters after...I'm female and it was like "WOW" are you kidding me but only for a few minutes, one of you pain meds will help you through. It's not "painful" just weird.
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I had a similar procedure and the worst was the freezing they gave me I itched "inside" and it was really terrible (I am slightly sensitive to anesthesia though) . Another thing I found was the first urination after was slightly painful and fraught with anxiety so it took 10-15 minutes to get the courage up to pee. One other thing was there was leakage of some seamen which is apparently normal and I was warned before.
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Female here. In my experience, it was indeed painful, but much, much less painful than the process of actually passing a stone.
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Sorry to hear you had a stone; I've been through the stent both with and without the strings- The strings are better.

It's as simple as wrapping a finger around the suture and gently withdrawing the stent. It takes a second to get things moving and it's not without an odd feeling, however I've never had pain with the string method, just a lingering minute of weirdness after giving birth to a foot of sterile tubing.

The no string method is indeed uncomfortable- I'm a chronic stone sufferer and i always make sure we have the talk before surgery about using the sutures so I can take the stent out.

Good Luck : )
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I lack the necessary physiological equipment to tell you if this 'should' hurt, but I can guarantee that anxiety + tension will make it hurt much more than it 'should.' Definitely see about some kind of anxiety meds or muscle relaxant if you think it'll be a challenge to relax on your own.
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Hellish it was not (especially compared to kidney stone pain), but it definitely hurt. And yes, it's very quick.
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I just had the stent removed. It wasn't that bad. Just a stinging/burning sensation....it was over in about 20 seconds.
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