thriller novel where student cheats on medical exam by answering question incorrectly
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Looking for a thriller mass-market paperback novel that I read in the late 1990s that was about brilliant students at a medical school - murder, conspiracy, etc.

The main plot point is that there is one student who is accidentally admitted to the school by cheating on the entrance exam.

The exam contains one trick question that only if you answer this question Wrongly are you admitted to the school. For some reason all the geniuses know to answer this question incorrectly, but the protagonist of the novel cheats by copying the answer off the genius beside him at the test.

He gets admitted to the school, but realized once there that it is a very sinister place and that some kind of bad stuff is going on with people dying, students being experimented on, etc. As he realizes more and more what he has gotten into and tries to flee, the people on the school catch on that he is an outsider and start to pursue him.

I would really like to find this novel to read it again - I remember it being a complete page-turner, very hair-raising! It was by no means classy: I think I found it next to the checkout in the supermarket. Any help much appreciated!
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Best answer: It sounds a bit like The Select, but that has a female protagonist.
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Response by poster: that's it! thanks for helping me out - probably my sexist memory transforming the protagonist into a male, but this is definitely the book i was looking for
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