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my netbook will not turn on. there is no response--no lights or sounds--with the battery in, but when the power cord is plugged in i can hear a soft but steady clicking sound from the power button area. i have tried another hard drive in it, no luck. i also looked at the ram, it seems fine.

i'm thinking power supply inside of the laptop, or maybe the mother board?

it worked fine about 1 month ago.

it is a gateway lt2805u.
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Try with the power cord plugged in and the battery removed. If that works, it's new battery time.
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Response by poster: sorry to threadsit, but i already tried that, and it didn't work.
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Next most likely thing is that your external power pack has failed and the battery has run down. If you visit any local computer shop they should have a universal power supply you can plug in and try.
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How long have you left it alone and plugged in since the 1 month ago that you were using it? I believe some netbook class machines route the power through the battery pathway. That is the current from the adapter goes into the battery's built-in charging circutry, then the power is drained from the battery to power the netbook and there is no power-supply/circuitry on the netbook motherboard itself. This is because the batteries have to have the circuitry for charge control anyway (to prevent over charging, over draining). If it's been sitting around long enough for the battery to completely drain then the battery may be damaged and need replacement. Or it might just take a longer than you think it would amount of time to build up enough charge to actually power the netbook. I've had this happen before and after a few days left alone to charge the machine came back with about 50% or so of its original battery capacity.

Leave it plugged in for a few days and then see if it works again and go from there.
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Response by poster: the whole time i wasn't using it it was plugged in.

i want to rule out the power cord not working because it does make a clicking sound when it is plugged in, which makes me think it's getting at least some power. however, none of the lights turn on.
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