I picked the wrong color!
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Any Mefite floor tile experts out there? My grout choice turns out lighter than I'd like.....

I LOVE the way it looks wet, but when it dries, I don't love it anymore. Is there a fix for this? Perhaps a grout sealer that is KNOWN to darken the color? Thanks.
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Aqua Mix makes a product called Enrich 'N' Seal which might work for you. It's intended for sealing natural stone, but I've heard of it being used on grout.
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You can also try a grout stain. You can apply after the grout has set.
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I recently stained all of the grout in someone's home. They had a lot of tile flooring, but I still didn't use anywhere near an entire bottle of that grout stain linked above (and the bottles aren't that big to begin with). The process is very simple, just like it is described in that link. You don't have to worry about being neat with the application because it cleans up so easily. The only bad part is that it can be hard on your back. Good luck--it's a worthwhile thing to do if you're bothered by the way the grout looks now.
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