Bend Outlook to my will.
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I'm looking for an Add-In for Outlook 2010 that will pop-up a notification when certain, quantity or time based criteria are met.

I receive a number of production/log emails a day from our production websites. I currently have them being sorted based on certain criteria into different folders that organize them by type and severity. In order to see these emails accumulate, I need to keep my entire folder tree expanded and, depending on their frequency, I may need to react more quickly than in other cases.

(For example, it may be the case that 1 issue of type X per hour can be addressed at a later time, but 100 issues of the same type in a couple of minutes clearly indicate an immediate issue.)

So, this means that my folder hierarchy is quite long and I'm frequently checking my email to see if "something is wrong."

I would like an add-in that would pop up an Alert if a particular folder contains more than X messages (ideally in a given time period, but not required.) Before I go off and write this myself, does anyone know if such a thing already exists? Might it already be built in to Outlook?
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Best answer: This is very easy to do yourself, if you have any even passing scripting knowledge. You can run create a rule that runs a script when a message is received. You make that script count the emails in folder X and alert when it's more than a certain number - modify this snippet - and you're basically there.
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Response by poster: The "Run a Script" piece from the Rules was the part I was missing. Worked great, thanks!
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