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How far in advance is it decided whether a La Liga (Spain) game will be played on Saturday or Sunday?

Want to see Barca play while these guys are still on the team. I've got a London business trip coming up. I could fly over (from the U.S.) early and catch a Sunday game, or stay a day late and catch a Saturday game. I'm eyeing the game currently listed for November 4. Can anyone tell me when they might decide it will be either played on the 4th for sure or moved to the 3rd? There are a limited number of tickets available through the Barca Web site. Should I buy one now and resell it if I can't go? Wait until the game day is fixed, then buy from a tout for a markup when I get there?
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Best answer: Looks like you'll only know a week in advance. Sid Lowe gets into the nuttiness of Spanish soccer scheduling here.
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Best answer: Barca games typically don't sell out (except for big matches like El Clasico or Champions League, of course), or at least they didn't as of a few years ago. I was able to buy tickets a week or two in advance for games in 2008 and had no trouble at all getting them. That was for the cheapest seats--not sure what price range you're eying--so that may not be the case at all levels.
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