Failing isn't so bad...or is it?
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Will my friend be able to repeat his first year at the University of Liverpool?

I'm asking for a friend who failed three exams and thus three different modules. Because of outstanding balances that he couldn't pay off until now, the university had blocked his account, effectively preventing him from checking his exam results (he only found out today by emailing an instructor) or checking if he can even register for re-sits. If he can register for re-sits, great. If not, I can't find any information online about the possibility of re-doing a year at the Uni of Liverpool which leads me to assume that, unfortunately for my friend, it might not be possible. Would anyone know for certain?

(If it's relevant, he's doing a science degree, although I don't want to get too specific to preserve his anonymity.)
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Your friend needs to get down to the university and talk to an advisor about this. Unless someone here works at the university, you'll only get speculation.

When I was in college I too tried to muddle through without talking with my advisor or interacting with the administration at all. I made a lot of work for myself and could have spared myself a lot of grief and aggravation.
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Would anyone know for certain?
His advisor.
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Your friend should contact his personal tutor and/or programme leader immediately. Phone them and if you can't get hold of them then email. If neither can be found then ask for the Director of Education for the school/college. The admin support in your friend's dept will be able to advise on who these people are.

There is a good chance that your friend will not have to register for resits. My own (UK) institution sorts them out automatically. Your friend should call his department office anyway to make sure (1) that the university has an up to date address so that he can get details of when they are happening and (2) the dates, whether he needs to register and how much it will cost (my uni charges per credit resat). He may be directed to Registry if any action needs to be taken.

I would be surprised if the resit exams where earlier than late August which should give your friend time to revise; three exams is retrievable with some application. I do not know whether Liverpool allows repeat years, probably they do, but if so I would expect that it would be no problem for a personal tutor to raise this at the exam board which will happen after the resit exams are complete and marked. If your friend is concerned he has failed the resits he should talk to his personal tutor between the resit exam and the resit exam board and suggest he would be open to repeating the year if this option was made available.

I would strongly advise your friend to find out whether he would have to pay £9k fees for the remainder of his course before signing up to a repeat first year. This might also provide some incentive to hit the books harder for revision.

I would suggest that in future your friend makes efforts to find out his marks shortly after exam boards if he has no other way to access information. Personal tutors or departmental offices will have this information not long after exam boards.
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