Is it rude not to prolong the small talk with my hair stylist?
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Hair professionals of the world, would you find me rude if I took the opportunity to return to my reading once our intial, polite exhange of pleasantries is over?
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Who cares? You're there for a service, not to make a new friend. Just say something like, "you know, I'm so into my book." Then just read. I'm sure your hair-person will be fine with not having to chit-chat for an hour or so.

I would say that if you're working with someone new you might want to watch to insure that nothing crazy is going on. Also, I like to see what they're doing when they style my hair, although frankly, I almost never want to style it like they style it.
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As a former stylist, heck no!

I was more than happy to just focus on the work to be done. I would take cues from the client -if they had a book or magazine, I'd be more than happy to oblige to their reading desire :)

I would bet that, for many stylists, as soon as the consultation was confirmed and the usual pleasantries, they'd want to just be left alone to do their work.

(Although there are some awesome benefits, it is a very physically and emotionally/mentally demanding occupation!)
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Oh, and I would like to add that I made it a point to make it about the client's comfort and relaxation, if they wanted that. That was/should be the important thing.
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When I apologize for almost falling asleep in the chair, my hairstylist always tells me it's a compliment, that he has the right kind of touch and is doing his job well. I talk from time to time but don't think anyone should feel forced to.
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I am pretty sure almost everyone does this. That's why there's always a huge pile of crappy magazines at the hair salon.
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Just make sure you don't end up angling your head down, though any good stylist will correct your head position if it's interfering.
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My dad was a stylist and I was raised in salons. Most stylist like readers: while they do tend to be social creatures (it is that sort of a job), a break in chatter every once in a while is nice.
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My stylist actually gets kind of irritated when I watch movies on my ipad but that is solely because he gets caught up in watching as well and then suddenly he is late for his next appointment. So, um. Don't do that.
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I have had many clients do this, and it's not a problem at all - as others have said, having a break to just get on with the job can be great. But please don't be completely oblivious about where the stylist needs your head to be. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to try and put foils around the face when someone has their head craned down to read a magazine, and despite repeated requests and physical placement of their head, they continue to keep their head down. Also, if you need reading glasses, don't be a jerk about having to take them off for the 30 seconds it takes to apply colour in that area.
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Last time I went to the stylist was the day before my final project and presentation in front of my committee. I just let her know that I would be on my computer and that she should feel free to interrupt me at any time. I wrote several pages of my final report in the chair.
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