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I'm interested in psychology, public health, and aging. Who should I be following on Twitter?

I'm looking for specific users/institutions who post interesting links. Although I work in a research field, I sometimes feel as if I lack a big-picture idea of what's going on - help enlighten me!
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I just started searching around, and here's what I found.

First, public health:
Quite a few others associated with the CDC
Health and Human Services
They're only following 120 people, so you might find other people of interest through them.
And finally, here's the WHO.

Tanya Plibersek, Australian Minister for Health & Aging, according to
Dr. Regina Benjamin, US Surgeon General


Psychology Now
MNT Psychology News
Psychology Today

Obviously this list is by no means comprehensive, and I'm not an expert in any of these fields. So if none of those people are who you're looking for, here are a few easy ways to start searching for people worth following:

1. Use #discover inside Twitter to search for topics of interest.
2. Look to see who the people you respect are following.
3. Search for lists of recommended top users in a subject using something like or searching a site that already focuses on the topic you want to follow, like Psych Central.

Have fun!
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I imagine that subject-area blogs by experts are more interesting than tweets. I am so old-fashioned.
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Not sure if this is exacty what you're looking for, but I'm really into Muriel, a smart and funny 93 year old lady from NYC. She tweets candidly about all aspects of life, including aging.
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This isn't Twitter, but for aging, absolutely sign up for the Current Awareness in Aging Report (CAAR). There's a daily email with news links, and a blog with research articles.
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