Like all those fashion blogs. But for hair.
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What are the best haircut/hairdo/hairstyle blogs?

I feel like there are a jillion "here's my outfit" blogs, and a billion more "here's my amazingly whackado manicure" sites, and I read them, and for the most part I love them. Is there a hair equivalent?

I'm obsessed with Carly Cuts My Hair and Seagull salon's tumblr. Are there more? What are the great hair blogs that I'm missing? I already read The Beauty Department, I peruse Keiko Lynn and A Beautiful Mess when the spirit says sing, and I (begrudgingly) look at the Pinterest general hair and beauty category. My dream would be a blog of before and after haircut photos, or blogs written by hair stylists, like Hair Dresser On Fire, which I love, or She Lets Her Hair Down, which I also enjoy.

What else is out there? Tutorials? The hair equivalent of Lisa Eldridge? General "look at her pretty hair!" sites? Share with me your wondrous hair blogs, please oh pretty please.
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I like perusing, which is a Japanese hair style catalogue. You can search by hair length, and they tell you what hair type & face shape each style is good for, and how it was achieved. They even list the name of the stylist and the salon at which you can acquire said hairstyle.
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Have you checked out The Small Things Blog? She's a hair stylist and does tutorials.
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It's not a blog, per se, but I really like the Style Bistro hair page, which focuses primarily on celebrity hair. It seems like many of my hair cuts come out of inspiration from their logs and you can often see haircuts from many different angles and in different styles.
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