How do I make my grandson laugh like a drunk?
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How do I make one of those "Little Girl Laughing...SLOWED DOWN" videos with some footage of my grandson?

I get huge laughs out of these sorts of videos, right here
and figured it would be easy to make a similar video out of some footage I have of my grandson, Max... but NO! I can slow down the video, but it's that deep quality of the baby laughter that makes it so funny, and I cannot come close to replicating it.

I primarily use a PC, but also have a a MacBook Pro.

Please hope me, metafilter! :)
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You can use Paulstretch for the audio alone, then re-combine it with the slowed-down video if you've already solved that part to your satisfaction.
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What you're looking to do is actually really straightforward: Just lower the sample rate. That'll play the audio slower and lower, just like slowing down a record player.

Unfortunately, most video editing software slows stuff down by adding in frames, which will give you stuttery audio of the same pitch as the original. (Paulstretch does this too, IIRC, but smooths it all out with reverb. That's not what you want.)

You might have to use separate audio editing software and paste the results into the video program, and the effect might be labeled 'stretch' or 'slow' or 'speed' or 'pitch' or any number of terms that would also apply to that other thing you don't want to do. (Don't even get me started.)

Just make sure you lower the sample rate by the same amount you lower the frame rate of the video, and it should all line up okay.
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